Canine Breed Inheritance

Our Canine Breed Inheritance Infographic explains how purebred and mixed breed puppies inherit DNA from their parents.

Each dog has 78 chromosomes. Humans have 48.

Puppies will randomly inherit 39 chromosomes from the Mother and 39 chromosomes from the Father.

If a purebred dog is bred with another purebred dog of a different breed then their offspring can only be 50% of the breeds from each parent.

A purebred Labrador Retriever who breeds with a purebred Border Collie can only have puppies that are half Labrador and half Border Collie.

If these 50/50 dogs continue to breed with other mixed breed dogs the inheritance is spread out. After only a few generations each puppy from the same litter can have a different breed composition depending on the breeds available for inheritance.

AffinityDNA Canine Breed Inheritance Infographic

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon Canine Breed Inheritance Infographic

Canine Breed Inheritance DNA Tests

We offer 2 different Dog Breed DNA Tests:

The Mars Wisdom Panel Dog Breed DNA Test covers more than 220 breeds including most recognised by The Kennel Club. The database is currently limited to dogs from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Dogs from outside these countries may not be well represented in the database.

The DNA My Dog Test covers 96 breeds from any country.

It should be noted that it is sometimes difficult testing dogs from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia as countries tend to have large feral dog populations that do not match databases very well.

We offer a 10% discount to breeders and clubs ordering more than 10 kits at a time, increasing to 15% for 20+ kits. Please Contact Us for more information.

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon Canine Breed Inheritance Infographic

Canine Inherited Disease Tests

We also provide inherited disease testing for dogs:

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