Food Suggestion Report

Food Suggestion Report uses your Dog Intolerance Test results and identifies which Foods, Treats, and Supplements you may want to begin using.

Only £30 with results in 3-5 working days

At AffinityDNA, we believe every dog deserves to thrive on the perfect diet. After purchasing the Dog Intolerance Test,  the Food Suggestion Report is your solution for a well-rounded, allergen-free nutrition plan custom-crafted for your beloved canine companion!

No more scratching, sniffling, or tummy troubles. Just a happy, healthy dog bouncing with infectious enthusiasm, thanks to a diet designed specifically for their unique needs.

Important Note: This report is an add-on to the Dog Intolerance Test and cannot be purchased alone. You can order both products at the same time. Only available in Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, United States and Wales.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Dog Intolerance Test How it Works?

  • Uncover the Food Mysteries: Order the Dog Intolerance Test and discover the hidden ingredients causing discomfort.
  • Expert Guidance: Meet Miranda Rochol, your personal dietary expert from Energize Paws. Miranda’s extensive expertise in pet health and nutrition ensures your pup’s food plan is optimal for their “symptoms” and needs.
  • Personalized Food Report: Forget generic advice! Miranda analyzes your test results and crafts a detailed report revealing:
    • A clear recap of your dog’s allergens.
    • Hand-picked brands and specific recipes guaranteed to be a delicious, allergen-free hit!
    • Convenient purchase links to make getting started a breeze.
    • Potential supplements for additional support, if needed.
  • Results in 3-5 Working Days: Get ready for a healthy transformation! Your personalized Food Suggestion Report including the expert’s insightful recommendations arrives in your email in 3-5 working days after the results of your Dog Intolerance Test have been shared with the Pet Nutrition Expert.

AffinityDNA Animal Icon Dog Intolerance Test Order your Food Suggestion Report

You can order the Food Suggestion Report anytime, even if you’ve already taken the Dog Intolerance Test. Just provide your case reference number. If you have not purchased the Dog Intolerance Test, order it now with the Food Suggestion Report and know your pet’s intolerances and the perfect nutritional plan adapted to their needs!

Our friendly Customer Care team is always here to help. Contact them if you have any questions!