DNA Sequencing Electropherogram

A DNA sequencing electropherogram is a graph that displays the raw data obtained from sequencing your DNA and is unique to you, and only you. £45

£45 in addition to test cost

An electropherogram is a graph that displays the raw data obtained from sequencing your DNA. The peaks on the DNA sequencing electropherogram are based on the length of specific DNA fragments and are represented by the numbers on your paternity test or relationship test results. The great thing about this information is that it is unique to you, and only you. This raw data allows you to look at your genetic makeup in a way that used to be impossible.

We can include a DNA sequencing electropherogram with almost any paternity or relationship test that you order from us for a small additional fee of £45. This fee includes an electropherogram for each person taking part in the test.

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What If I Already Have My DNA Test Results?

If you have already had a DNA test completed through our company and received your results you can still order an electropherogram. If your test results were issued within the last 3 months, then we will still have your information on file and can send an electropherogram out to you very quickly. The only fee you would have to pay is the standard extra charge, there is no need to do another test.

All you need to do is contact our customer support team with your case reference number to confirm your results are still on file. If they are then we can process the additional payment and send your electropherogram out to you within a few days.

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon DNA Sequencing Electropherogram

Why Would I Need a DNA Sequencing Electropherogram?

There are several reasons you may want to get this data sent to you. Firstly an electropherogram is an exact copy of your DNA profile as it was mapped from the sample you provided. While our tests are highly accurate, this information can be taken to other laboratories for interpretation if you ever wanted to seek a second opinion or need quicker results for another test.

Because these are specific to your genetic makeup, there is no room for error. It is as close as you can get to a visualized image of your DNA. Besides being a good document to have on file, it is also nice to look at. You will get insight into your genetics and get to see what makes you unique.

The fact of the matter is it can never hurt to have more information that pertains to your genetic makeup. As time passes there are going to be more testing methods available for many different things. If you already have this information on file it will make it easier for you to move forward and explore the options that will be out there and becoming available to you before long.

Ordering your electropherogram is quick and easy if you are a new customer. You will see an option during checkout that will ask if you would like to add an electropherogram to your order. Simply select that box and it will be included with your results. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring your DNA with you now, and in the future.

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