Child DNA Discovery Test

Only £119 with results in 4-8 weeks

About our Child DNA Discovery Test: If you are a parent, then you already know that it can be a hugely rewarding experience whilst also being one of the most difficult jobs in existence. There is nothing quite as satisfying as teaching your child about the world around them, then watching them interact and grow in that world. You are no doubt keen to help them realise their true potential as they grow into teenagers and then adults.

Our physical features and behavioural traits are dictated by our genes and these genetic characteristics are inherited from our parents. Your genes determine the colour of your eyes and hair, your height, learning ability and attitude towards taking risks. The Child DNA Discovery Test uses the latest genetic research to provide important genomic information about your child’s physical, cognitive and behavioural tendencies.

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What You Will Learn from the Child DNA Discovery Test

Your child’s genetic makeup determines everything from their athletic potential to their height, whether they learn from their mistakes, have a good memory and even if they are good at getting up early in the morning.

The Child DNA Discovery Test results are presented in two sections:

Physical Traits:

  • The ACTN3 “Sprinter Gene” makes fast twitch muscles twitch fast and affects running ability. Find out whether your child is better suited to being an endurance runner or a sprinter and which sports they should pursue.
  • Myopia – is your child less or more likely to be nearsighted?
  • Height – although environmental factors and nutrition influence our height, 60-80% of the height difference between individuals is attributed to genetic factors.
  • Early Bird or Night Owl? “Clock genes” control when we are awake and active, and when we sleep and rest. Does your child’s biological clock cause peak alertness in the morning or evening?
  • Memory – is your child’s long term memory capacity typical, above or below average?

Behavioural Traits:

  • Learning Patterns – is your child adventurous and likes trying something new?
  • Avoidance of Errors – does your child learn from their mistakes?
  • Risk Taking – Are they a thrill seeker? Will they be more decisive and take charge?
  • Social Support – will your child seek emotional support in times of stress or handle it on their own?

Click on the image below to view an extract of an example results report:

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Ordering Your Child DNA Discovery Test Kit

Once you order your DNA sample collection kit it will be sent to your home or another address of your choosing. In this kit you will find step-by-step instructions, 4 sterile mouth swabs, consent forms and a return envelope for the DNA samples. All you need to do is gently but firmly rub each of the swabs inside your child’s cheek for 30 seconds. After you have used all four swabs, allow them to dry, and send them back to us in the return envelope provided.

Results will be sent to you in 4-8 weeks from the time that we receive the DNA samples.

Please read our Health and Clinical Testing Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure you understand them before placing an order.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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Genetic Health DNA Test Special Offers

The cost of our Child DNA Discovery Test is £119. For a limited time, if you order 2 Children’s DNA Discovery Tests at the same time you pay a total of just £218 for both.

We also have a special offer to add an Exercise and Fitness DNA Test for an adult, a Diet and Nutrition DNA Test for an adult or a  Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test for an adult for only £99 (RRP £119) each.

Disclaimer: Your test results are solely for informational and/or educational purposes only and should NOT be used for making medical, health or any other decisions without consulting a medical professional. Always speak to your doctor and seek professional help before taking action. The test does not replace a visit to a doctor, nor the advice or services of a doctor or other qualified specialist.