Diet and Nutrition DNA Test

Starting from only £119 with results in 4-8 weeks

Would you be interested in learning a little more about how your genes affect your diet and fitness routine? We offer a Diet and Nutrition DNA Test that will help you match your diet plan to your body type and achieve your weight loss goals. After you take our simple DNA test we will be able to give you tips on how to alter your exercise routine for the best results, what kind of diet you should be following and other crucial information to improve your general fitness and wellness.

Our test can be purchased for £119 and is simple, painless and can be completed from the comfort of your home. Continue reading to find out what your results will tell you, what you can expect in your kit and how to collect your DNA samples.

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What Kind of Information Can I Expect?

Your genetic profile affects your metabolism, eating behaviour, intolerance to certain foods and weight tendency. Your DNA also has an impact on the effectiveness of different exercise and sports, for example whether you are a sprinter or an endurance runner, and your weight loss response to exercise.

It is well known that poor diet and a lack of exercise cause weight gain but few people are aware that understanding how your DNA and genetic makeup influence your eating habits can be a huge help in reaching and maintaining your ideal weight. Our Diet and Nutrition DNA Test results will confirm your ideal diet type, eating behaviour and the most beneficial types of exercise based on your genetic profile.

It will even highlight preferred foods as well as foods to be avoided together with sample menus, tell you whether you are sensitive to bitter foods such as Brussels sprouts and if you are likely to be lactose or gluten intolerant.

Click on the image below to view an extract of an example results report:

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon Diet and Nutrition DNA Test

How to Take the Diet and Nutrition DNA Test

Once you place an order your kit will be sent to your home or delivery address of your choice. The DNA sample collection kit contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 4 sterile mouth swabs
  • A collection envelope for your swabs
  • An addressed return envelope for your samples and completed registration and consent forms

When you receive your DNA kit you will need to use both pairs of swabs and gently rub the inside of your cheek for about 30 seconds. After you have collected your DNA samples you should let them air dry for approximately one hour before placing them in the collection envelope provided and sealing it. While the swabs are drying you can complete the registration and consent forms before putting everything in the return envelope and sending it back to us for analysis. Once we receive the samples we will confirm they have arrived and put them straight into testing.

Please read our Health and Clinical Testing Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure you understand them before placing an order.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon Diet and Nutrition DNA Test

Genetic Health DNA Test Special Offers

The cost of our Diet and Nutrition DNA Test is £119. For a limited time, if you order 2 Diet and Nutrition DNA Tests at the same time you pay a total of just £218 for both.

We also have a special offer to add a Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test for an adult for only £99 (RRP £119) or a Child DNA Discovery Test for a child at only £99 (RRP £119) each.